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Stellenview is situated in Devon Valley on the western outskirts of Stellenbosch in the heart of the Cape Winelands. It is defined by the Veldwagters River which flows intermittently from the upper reaches of the valley in the North, to the link into the well-known Eerste River about eight kilometers to the south, and is bordered by the Papagaaiberg and the Bottelary Mountain to the east and west respectively.

Traditionally, wine grapes have been grown here since the late 1800’s, and for the past three decades, the movement has been to the production of the noble varieties with the emphasis on red wine varieties namely Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinotage and Shiraz. With the lie of the Valley being from north to south, the vineyard slopes tend to be predominantly either east or west facing, with some south facing. As the valley lies less than 20 km from the False Bay coast, it is greatly affected by the cool south sea breezes which prevail in the summer months. Winter brings on the moisture-laden north-west winds which result in the most of the Valley’s 750 mm of annual rainfall.

The soils in the Valley are mainly of granitic origin although a definite band of shale occurs through the northern section. These soils tend to be very deep and, due to their heavier structure and high clay content, are ideal for the production of quality grapes under dry-land conditions.

Apart from the physical aspects of Devon Valley regarding viticulture, it is also one of the most picturesque areas in the winelands. From the top of the Valley, magnificent views of Stellenbosch vineyards can be seen is all directions as they form the patchwork display all the way from the Simonsberg mountain range in the north, across the Helderberg range and to the False Bay coast in the south. When the autumn mist rolls into the area during April each year, the views from the upper slopes of the Valley are unsurpasses as the majestic mountain-peaks protrude above the fluffy white sea mist.

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