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SUNKLOOF Reserve Shiraz 2017 - pricing per case of 6 x 750ml

SUNKLOOF Reserve Shiraz 2017 - pricing per case of 6 x 750ml

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In the cool early morning the grapes are hand harvested. Grapes from specific sites are fermented in separate stainless steel tanks or in open top fermenters. Each tank goes through a cold soaking process for 2-3days prior to inoculation with selected yeast strains. During the fermentation period, which is 14 days, pump overs or punch downs are done 3-6 times daily for colour extraction. This processes the colour of the wine and also the taste of the wine as tannins are extracted from the grape mass and by airated pump overs the tannins get polymerized and form the first part of excellent wine. The wine is then allocated to undergo malolactic fermentation in tanks and after placed into barrels, which are predominantly from French oak, to age for 12 - 24 months.
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